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Chairman of Wanda: Good news for Chinese football!

By Yutang Sports 24 Jun 2015

Recently, during a business forum of China’s website Xinhuanet, the chairman of Dalian Wanda Group Wang Jianlin made a speech over the transition of his company. During the speech, Wang declared that Wanda had been ready to be the No.1 in the domain of World’s sports industry before 2016, and assured that Chinese football will get good news from Wanda.

It should be noted that Wanda Group, the sponsor of Atletico Madrid, is actually a huge real-estate company. It means that the company must undergo a sharp transition to achieve its goal in sports field. Wang Jianlin announced that Wanda had carried out its “2211 Strategy” which means that before 2021, the assets of Wanda will increase to 200 billion RMB yuan, the market value 200 billion yuan, revenue 100 billion yuan, and profits 10 billion yuan. At that time, the revenue of real-estate will only constitutes less than 30% of the whole company’s revenue. During the followed six months, Wanda will finish the acquisition of at least three sports companies, according to Wang, and the completion of purchase will become the milestone which marked Wanda’s ascending the throne of sports industry.

Furthermore, Wang jianlin disclosed that Wanda will bring good news to Chinese football recently. However, he did not provide more details. In September 2014, Wanda selected 30 Chinese children to Spain for China’s football youth training. Perhaps this time, more huge actions will be conducted by the China’s real-estate gaint!


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