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Desports cooperated with top European sports broker company

By Yutang Sports 04 Jul 2015

On July 3, China’s company Desports which mainly engaged in sports industry held a press conference in Shanghai. During the conference, Desports announced to establish the partnership with MEIA-BAESPORTS (MBS), a top sports broker company in Europe.

MBS is one of the most popular broker corporations for sports stars. Andrea Iniesta, Luis Suarez, and Pep Guardiola all chose this company as their broker agency. Furthermore, MBS had already set up good partnership with many European football giants like Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Manchester City.

The cooperation between Desports and MBS will mainly concentrate on the field of global professional soccer including the broker of foreign soccer players, and the potential business value of players’ or coaches’ portraiture right. Both sides of the partnership will contribute to the further communication between Chinese brand and European top clubs.

Jiang Lizhang, the CEO of Desports introduced the company’s dream and ambition to the world and declared that huge success will certainly be achieved. It is believed that the cooperation will have a promising future.


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