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Jet Li and Jack Ma expands Taiji Zen

By Yutang Sports 14 Jul 2015

Taiji Zen, a joint venture between Ma Yun, the owner of Alibaba, and Jet Li, a famous Hollywood star,officially signed an agreement with ChinaFit on the 4th ChinaFit Convention and Trade Show, with ChinaFit exclusively representing a set of courses named as Taiji Fit and Taiji Fit coach training.

Taiji is a renowned branch of traditional Chinese Wushu, which is now often used as a fitness exercise.

The signing ceremony was held during the opening ceremony of 2015 ChinaFit convention. Xia Hua, the CEO of Taiji Zen, and the General Manager of ChinaFit Yan Sihai signed on the contract.

Taiji Zen International Culture Co.Ltd was founded by Jet Li and Jack Ma in 2011. Taiji Zen intends to spread the idea of health and happiness. There are different nations, countries, languages and cultures, however, human beings are in the same family on the earth. Taiji Zen provides service for people of different age groups and with different interests and demands, such as Yunshou (a branch of Taiji) and Taiji FIT.

Jet Li, as a well-known actor, was named as director of a film production company in 2014 which actually is a branch of Alibaba. He was a devout Buddhist who delivered speeches to demonstrate Zen on many situations.

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