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BKS goes public on new third board

By Yutang Sports 16 Jul 2015

BKS becomes the first-ever Internet-oriented sports enterprise to go public. On July 9th, BKS held the ceremony to announce the IPO officially.

The director of BKS, Liu Xiaohong delivered speech on the ceremony,“BKS has focused on fighting industry for 14 years, now BKS owns the No.8 fighting event in China. BKS established relationship with CCTV Digital TV, Internet TV. We reached a coverage of 760 million people in China.”

According to BKS official website, the copyrights they own including “Kung-Fu in 15 Sports College”, “I am Boxing King”, “World Muay Thai Super League”, etc. Besides, BKS also cooperated with CCTV-5 to start CCTV-5 World Fighting Championship.

After going public on the third board, BKS would hold new events, such as World Kung Fu Championships. Besides, new TV programs also will be put on the time table.

During the ceremony, BKS signed agreement with CCTV Weihai Filmmaker. The two sides is going to develop the market of Wushu for youth.

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