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Yao Ming started the team to join Yaopao long-distance relay race

By Yutang Sports 22 Oct 2014

Former NBA center Yao Ming says he wants to see Olympic hurdler Liu Xiang’s performance in a long-distance run, the Guangzhou Daily reported.

The basketball star launched a 24-hour relay race on Saturday in Beijing. He finished 3,500 meters in the first round and another 3,500 meters in the second round the next day.

Yao said it was the longest distance run he has attempted since retiring in 2011.

Feng Kun, former captain of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, along with famous sportscaster Yu Jia and actor Pu Cunxi joined Yao’s team, helping him finish the relay race.

When asked who else he wanted on his team if there’s another race, Yao said it was Liu Xiang. “I know he’s skilled in sprinting. But I want to see how he would do in a long-distance run.”

Yao said running is the most popular sport in the world. “In China, it will be as popular and important as basketball, football and volleyball in the next few years,” he added.

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