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Dwyane Wade launches his own wine label in China

By Washington Post & Local10, editing by Yutang Sports 24 Jul 2015

Armed with a new $20 million-contract, Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade just materialized in China to launch a wine collection.

The Miami shooting guard, who is of a certain vintage in his own right (33 years old), posted a photo to Instagram showing several wine bottles with “Wade” on their labels, along with this caption:

“Last night I finished the first part of my China tour…which was me launching my very first Wade Wine. Both Shanghai & Beijing events was great and we are looking forward to more in the future.”

With the aptly-named Wade wines, the 33-year-old baller follows in the footsteps of ex-New England Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe and ex-Houston Rockets center Yao Ming, who both started their own labels.

D-Wade hasn’t yet disclosed the type of wine he’ll be selling, but the bottles have been designed. Besides, it is still unclear if the wine will only be available in China.

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