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Audi sponsors China Winter Sports Administration

By Yutang Sports 03 Aug 2015

As Beijing won the 2022 Winter Olympic Games bid, more brands are seizing the opportunity to establish new relationship with China winter sports. On August 1st, FAW-Audi signed an agreement with China Winter Sports Adminstration. FAW-Audi became the official sponsor of China Figure Skating, Short Track Skating, Snowboard Halfpipe, Alpine Skiing, Freestyle Skiing Aerials National Team.

FAW-Audi will not only support winter sports financially, but will also offer skiing team the chance to train with top skiing team overseas, and practice and test in the Audi wind tunnels.

Audi reaching the agreement immediately after Beijing won the bid is because of their courage and constant favor of winter sports.

Apart from this agreement, Audi also sponsored 3 skiing resorts, Jilin Beidahu, Zhangjiakou Yunding and Changbai Mountain Wanda. Audi helped them upgrade the infrastructure. More skiers could enjoy skiing there.

Besides, Audi deepened the cooperation with FIS in China by sponsoring World Snow Day. That would promote skiing and skiing culture in China.

Audi had title sponsored the FIS World Cup and German Skiing Association before, and was still the partner of Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy National Skiing Team.

Source: Sohu

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