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Kobe Bryant has signed mobile video game deal

By Yang Pu 06 Aug 2015

NBA superstar, Kobe Bryant, lately signed an endorsement deal with Chinese mobile video game developer named Something Big Tech in Shanghai, China.
Under the deal, the five-time NBA champion will speak for the NBA Heroes, the mobile video game with figures made from both NBA stars and heroes of ancient China’s Three Kingdoms. However, no financial terms of the deal have been revealed.
Mei Liang, CEO of Something Big Tech, rated Kobe as a true NBA hero. “With his global influence, (signing him) suggests Something Big Tech is set to expand overseas.”
The deal also marks the first time that Kobe ever endorsed on a mobile video game.
The USA basketball legend who is at the late stage of his career, has scored big since he started his business trip across China a couple of days ago.
As reported earlier, Kobe has signed wide ranging deals with China’s Alibaba Group and online media giants Sina.
There are also rumors that the 36-year-old might choose to end his professional career in China.

Source: Hupu

Proofread by Elizabeth Yokwe

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