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Chelsea’s attempts to bring in Zhang Linpeng comes to an end

By Intern at Yutang Sports 31 Aug 2015

Chelsea’s attempts to sign Guangzhou Hengda’s China international defender Zhang Linpeng has become headline news in recent days. According to reports, this potential international transfer has been causing extensive international media coverage but finally it has come to an unsuccessful conclusion for all parties involved.

According to an informed source, Guangzhou Evergrande had previously considered accepting Chelsea’s tabled offer only because it was the first offer from a European Club , therefore, starting the negotiation process.

However, this transfer was not without problems: the European transfer deadline day is just around the corner and excluding the transfer fee there are other issues surrounding it on all sides. Guangzhou Evergrande are worried about Zhang Linpeng’s career and so want to negotiate a buyback clause in the deal, in case Zhang Linpeng is unable to make it in the EPL. However, new work permit rules also mean there is little chance of Zhang being permitted to play in the Premier League so would have to be loaned out. 

During this time, Zhang Linpeng has shown his strong willingness to go abroad saying "I've worked hard and waited these five or six years for my dream of playing overseas, and finally have recognition from the English Premier League” but Guangzhou Evergrande have chosen to halt transfer negotiations since Chelsea could not make any promises.

Source: Sina

proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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