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Lander Sports announced partnership with Huangshan

By Hunter Cui 08 Oct 2015

Lander Sports announced partnership with Huangshan City in Anhui Province. The two sides would invest in building an international outdoors sports basement. In the future, they will also work together in sports event and sports tourism.

Specifically, Lander Sports is going to build a basement in Huangshan, which national teams could use it as a train camp. Based on the basement, Huangshan is able to integrate the resource they have. Huangshan plans to hold a series of sports event and develop tourism with the events.

With the O2O platform, Lander is to combine tourism, sports and Internet. Furthermore, Lander hopes that they can update the traditional sports events in Huangshan, and design brand new market-oriented tourism product for the customers, then explore for a new mode of “Internet + tourism”.

CEO of Lander Sports said, it is the first time for Lander to build up partnership with local government. The influence of Lander will boost up while the revenue is going to rise at the same time.

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