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Hangzhou: 2022 Asian Games bring 230 million RMB investment

By Chen Yaping 03 Nov 2015

Hangzhou Sports Industry Forum & Investment Promotion Signing Ceremony was held on November 1st, 2015, when Zhejiang enterprises bring about RMB 230 million investment into Hangzhou’s sports industry.

Since it was awarded the 2022 Asian Games on September 16th this year, Hangzhou began seeking more international sporting events on its soilTo prepare for the events, Hangzhou finds more investment supports for its sports-related industries like sports internet, sports sales, physical health and rehabilitation, outdoor sports, and events organization.

Also, Hangzhou enables other cities including Ningbo, Shaoxing and Huzhou to share the achievements of the 2022 Asian Games. Besides, during the events, thousands of foreign officials, athletes and tourists would stimulate demands in hotel reception, food and beverage service, and trade exchange in Hangzhou, which may boost the development of the post-Asian Games economy.

As Jigang, the deputy director of Hangzhou Sports Bureau put it, “In the future, Hangzhou would focus on sports product manufacture, sports competitions and recreational sports. We are looking forward to the investments in recreational sports bases and international events in Hangzhou.”


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