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Sports consumption averages RMB 926 per capita in China

By He Lanying 17 Nov 2015

Figures from the General Administration of Sport of China (GASC) show Chinese people spent an average of RMB 926 yuan on sports in 2014, 52% higher than that of comparable figures in 2007. 

According to the GASC’s 2014 National Fitness Survey, 33.9% of urban and rural residents participate in sports, which is a 5.7% increase on the figures in 2007. People aged from 6 to 19 are more likely to take part in sports like swimming and long-distance running. Basketball, badminton and table tennis are often the most popular sports. 

People over the age of 20 mainly choose jogging and running. Compared with 2007, the figures  for these two sports are up by 12.8% and 3.9% respectively. 

In terms of sports consumption in 2014, adults aged 20 or above in China accounted for 39.9% of total spending. Last year the average spending on sports was RBM 926 per capita in the country, representing a 52% increase from 2007. 93% of spending was on sportswear, followed by sports equipment, sports magazines, venue rental and event tickets. 

People aged from 6 to 19 are more likely to watch basketball games and account for 36.2% of the total. People aged 20 or above are more likely to watch basketball and soccer games with the percentages at 31.1 and 21.5 respectively. 

Source: Sina

Proofread by John Devlin

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