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LeTV announces details of EPL packages for Hong Kong

By He Lanying 10 Dec 2015

Chinese video streaming company LeTV has announced prices for watching Premier League matches as well as offers available for their current users in Hong Kong, according to HK newspaper SCMP.

According to the company, the price has been set at HK$1,690 per season, which includes 10 months of matches and two more months of replays. Other options available to choose from are quarterly packages for HK$597 and monthly packages for HK$229.

Current owners of LeTV set-top boxes and smart televisions can enjoy six months of football for free. Users can watch with LeTV's smart television or set-top box and also with a smartphone.

The company is offering an extra incentive, the inclusion of bonus premier League packages, for customers who purchase an LeTV smartphone or smart television. The incentive plan aims to attract new customers and increase the number of LeTV members from 200,000 to one million within a year.

At the moment users can only use LeTV's own devices to access its content, but the company is developing smartphone apps to enable other users to watch its content.

Source: scmp

Proofread by John Devlin

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