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CSI sports-related business at RMB 655m last year

By Wang Hailong 12 Apr 2016

CHINA SPORTS INDUSTRY GROUP CO.,LTD.,whose sports-related revenue has grown 6% to RMB 655million, published its Annual Report 2015 last night, 11th April .

CHINA SPORTS INDUSTRY GROUP CO.,LTD. is a China-based public company whose main businesses include sport-related business and the sports real estate development business.

The annual report covers the period from 1st Jan. 2015 to 31st Dec. 2015.

Its annual revenue is RMB 851million, having decreased by 26.07% over the same period.

Its profit is RMB 77.59million, having decreased  by 24.67% over the same period.

What is worth mentioning is its sports-related revenue is RMB 655million, having grown 6% over the same period. 

And the percentage of sports-related revenue in its total revenue has increased to 77.58% in 2015 from 54.08% in 2014.

Its sports-related business involves sports event management and operation, stadium operation, fitness center operation, sports agencies, sports lottery, sports marketing and others.

Its sports real estate development business involves the development and operation of real estate, sales of commercial residential buildings and operation of property management businesses. 

source:CSI Annual Report 2015

Proofread by John Devlin

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