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Permanent residency for Marbury in China

By He Lanying 19 Apr 2016

Former NBA star Stephon Marbury, who led Beijing to three Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) titles in the past four seasons, has become a permanent resident of China.

Marbury, 39, posted a short video on Weibo, showing he had received the Foreigner's Permanent Residence Card from Zhang Jiandong, Deputy Mayor of Beijing.

"I'm so thankful and blessed to receive my green card today from the Beijing Government. It's a true honor to be part of the capital of China. I hope I can not only help win more championships but continue to bring positive energy and love," Marbury said on becoming the first foreign player to get a residency card in the 21-year history of the CBA.

Chinese Green Cards are difficult for foreigners to obtain. Only 5,000 foreigners have been granted permanent residence. Marbury is the first CBA player to receive a green card. He is considered not only the best foreign player in CBA history but also a successful businessman, with his Starbury apparel and sneaker products found in thousands of stores across China.

Source: sportingnews

Proofread by John Devlin.

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