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Chinese Vice Premier meets FIFA President

By Pu Yang 04 Jul 2016

Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong met with FIFA President Gianni Infantino last Friday, to exchange ideas regarding China's soccer reform.

According to Huang Yue of Xinhua News Agency, the Chinese Vice Premier highlighted the popularity of soccer in China where “the Chinese government attaches great importance to the role that football is playing in China’s transformation into a sports power”.

She went on to say that there is still a major gap between China and the leading soccer powers. So the Chinese government is determined to further grow campus soccer and develop the soccer industry through reform initiatives.

In the meanwhile, China will combine its national conditions with international experiences for the ambitious soccer reform programme. Liu hopes FIFA will provide assistance and guidance to China in its soccer reform.

Infantino said China’s soccer reform “is not only favourable to the development of China's football industry, but also crucial to the development of the world football industry”.

“FIFA is willing to strengthen communication and expand co-operation with the CFA in order to help and support the development and reform of China's football industry”, he continued.

Source: Xinhua

Proofread by Sean O Diobhilin

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