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LeCloud Partner with Luneng Taishan F.C

By Meng Shuai 19 Aug 2016

On 18th August, 2016, the largest Video Cloud Platform, LeCloud, held a Product Launch press conference.

Centred on Video-as-a-Service (VaaS), LeCloud is now the largest Video Cloud Platform. It released six Vaas scenes and twenty-one Vaas products at the conference, which will bring new reform to this field.

At the conference, LeCloud and Luneng Taishan F.C signed a strategic partnership. The two sides will deepen their relationship in the aspects of content, live video and so on. An Le-Luneng Official Channel will be established to build a new platform for the interaction of fans, sponsors, media friends and the club.

It is reported that this channel will become a video media portal of Luneng Taishan F.C. With the support of LeCloud, it will save 7.26 million RMB for Luneng Taishan F.C.

Besides, this channel will provide quicker and more fluent High Definition broadcasting for the fans. Watching Chinese League Premiership games via LeSports is quicker than via TV by seven to eight seconds.

Proofread by Sean O Diobhilin

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