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Alisports Olympics streams hit 7.5 billion

By Chen Yaping 29 Aug 2016

Shanghai-based Alisports, the sports division of e-commerce giant, the Alibaba Group, announced that it has had a great success in streaming the Olympics in China via Alibaba’s online video platform Youku Tudou.
A total of 7.5 billion streams on the platform were watched by Olympics fans in China, as revealed by a recent report.

Last month, Alisports announced a groundbreaking licensing agreement with Chinese state-owned CCTV to broadcast the Rio Olympics via Youku. This deal, which was thought to be worth RMB100 million (about US$15.07m), enabled the sports company to win the 30-minute delayed broadcast rights to the 2016 Rio Olympics in China.

According to figures disclosed by Alisports recently, about 380 million viewers logged on to watch the Games.

In addition to this, Alisports produced original programs as part of its Olympic streaming schedules, which received 3.8 billion views via platforms like Youku, Taobao and Alipay.

Source: alizila

Proofread by Sean O Diobhilin

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