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"Internet Plus Sports Marketing" Forum: Market development plan of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games

By Mei Zhu 24 Oct 2016

On October 20th, the 2016 World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo (WWSE) - "Internet Plus Sports Marketing" Forum was held at the Beijing International Convention Center. The forum was hosted by Beijing Olympic City Development Association in association with International Data Group (IDG) and was co-organized by Yutang Sports.

The forum invited the following speakers: Piao Xuedong (Director of the Finance Market Development department of the Organizing Committee of Beijing Winter Olympics), Reto Gurtner (Chairman of the Board and President of the Management Board, Weisse Arena Gruppe), Wang Mei (CEO of Malon Sports), Li Jiang (Co-founder & Executive Director of Yutang Sports), Cao Hui (CEO of Shenzhen Yuke Electronic Technology), Wang Wei (Strategy Officer of Ju Dongli Sports Culture Development Co. Ltd.), Ding Ran (Executive Assistant to the CEO of Beijing Kunlun Red Star Club), Wang Xiaoyuan (founder of VIPSKI.CN), Shen Du (Founder and CEO of “Huabei” APP), Yu Lei (Senior Vice President of SECA), Rao Liu (Deputy General Manager of China Times Sports Marketing Center and the master planner of China Ski Festival and "Snow King" Event IP), Li Xiaohua (Director of Bozhong Tiancheng Culture and Sports Development Co. Ltd). They discussed the marketing value and commercial development of snow sports as well as other issues.

Mr Piao Xuedong, Director of the Finance Market Development department of the Organizing Committee of Beijing Winter Olympics, shared some insights on the general situation of market development for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

According to him, the main content of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games market development is divided into three parts: one is the sponsorship program, the second is the licensing program (the production and sales of licensed products) and the third is the ticketing plan. These three parts together make up the overall plan of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games market development.

He says they will officially release the market development plan of the 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games next year. Our sponsorship program will also be officially launched in 2017, the licensing program will be set out in 2018, while the ticketing plan will commence in 2020. Enterprises can make contact with the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, based on their own business profile.

Proofread by Sean O Diobhilin

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