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Sports Industry Value Innovation Forum at Bird’s Nest

By Tingting Zhang 28 Nov 2016

On Saturday Nov 26th, the 2016 China Sports Industry Value Innovation Forum was held in the National Stadium. The forum was organized by Professor Xiao Shuhong from Beijing Sports University. Apart from organizing several round table panels to discuss how to develop the Chinese sports industry, the forum also announced two partnerships for Dingdingdadao (Beijing) Sports Consultancy Co. Ltd with Ali Sports and with Beijing Qichao Holdings Co. Ltd. Dingdingdadao (Beijing) Sports Consultancy Co. Ltd was led by Professor Xiao Shuhong. 

Professor Xiaoand her team put forward the concept of value innovation for the Chinese sports industry. They have begun to study and develop a value measurement system for sports events and will continue a study on Chinese sports companies’competitive strengths and strategies. Professor Xiao also said that they would continue to expand Sports Industry Value Alignmentto add more companies in the industry. 

The audiences saw four round table panels on the day. The first panel was moderated by Professor Xiao and speakers such as the management team from LeSports, Kaixing Capitaland Beijing Qichao Holdings Co. Ltd discussed the strategic competitiveness of Chinese sports companies. 

The second panel discussed the development of Chinese sports events. The third was on the development of the Chinese sports fitness sector and the last panel discussed sports business talents in China. 

Proofread by Sean O Diobhilin

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