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Angelababy to be the new face of Adidas Originals

By Zhang Meng 12 Dec 2016

Adidas Originals has officially announced that Angelababy will be its new image spokesperson for Greater China, which will inject new vitality to its image representatives. She will take part in various promotional activities for Adidas Originals in 2017. Adidas Originals has issued promotional blockbusters and posters on which Baby was dressed in its Classic Red Clover Logo Fleece, a black Tracksuit top, a long brown dress and the Tubular Radial. It is a unique popular style to uphold the spirit, leaving the next promotional activities to our imagination. We are looking forward to seeing how Baby looks when in Yeezy Boost.

In the Classic Series products, Adidas Originals belongs to the Traditional Sports Series with a clover as its logo. The Clover became the Adidas sign in 1972 when all its products adopted this logo. The clover shape looks like a world map, symbolizing that Adidas’ three stripes extending across the world. Since 1996, the clover logo has been solely used for its Classic Series, Adidas Originals. The Classic Series products have upgraded the best Adidas products by slightly revising the materials and styles of those products. This series of products including shoes, clothes and bags is more fashionable.

Proofread by Sean O Diobhilin

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