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Jilin Province and Everbright Securities partnered for winter sports

By Gu Huanhuan 19 Dec 2016

On Dec.17, People’s Gov. of JILIN Municipality and Everbright Securities held a signing ceremony of strategic cooperation in Jilin City, announcing the establishment of the first ever ten-billion-yuan funds for winter sports in China.

The chairman of Everbright Securities, Xue Feng, said that winter sports industry is one of the high-end modern service industries and has a great potential for development. It will also be the latest breakthrough point of the traditional Northeastern industry region of China. 

With a strong ice-snow industrial foundation, this fund would mainly centers around five industrial chains: winter sports culture, sports, sports events, winter sports enterprises and winter sports tourism in Jilin.

This fund is said to be just the first period of investments by Everbright Securities who will do more investments in the future. 

To make Jilin province a major province of the ice and snow industry, a province of  ice and snow tourism as well as a world-class winter sports tourist destination, Jilin Provincial Party Committee and Jilin Provincial Government recently published a government policy document. The document said that by 2020 the number of tourists should reach 100 million and the gross winter sports tourism income should reach 230 billion yuan.

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