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Gou Zhongwen: Focus now firmly on huge player transfer fees

By Yutang Sports 16 Mar 2017

On Mar 15, Gou Zhongwen, Director of the General Administration of Sport of China, commented on the multi-million transfer fees for CSL players during the “two sessions”. According to Gou, the problem, caused by the “rich and capricious” investors with their eyes on business rather than football, is in need of immediate attention.

Gou said that a series of regulatory measures had already been formulated by the General Administration of Sport of China and stricter measures are on the way. He hoped that the media could continue to support and focus on football, and criticized this harmful phenomenon.

Gou promised that more popular and voluntary sports organizations would be established by the General Administration of Sport of China, enabling people to organize sports activities by themselves. Schools would be encouraged to open their sports facilities to the public and communities, malls and sports parks would be propelled to create more sports fields and facilities. He also expressed strong support for mass sports, such as street dance and taijiquan.

Proofread by Sean O Diobhilin

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