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CBA Draft held in Beijing

By Chen Yaping 03 Aug 2017

The Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) held its 2017/18 Draft on August 2 in Beijing, China, attended by Yao Ming, former NBA star and new CBA President.

Eleven of the original 46 draft picks were picked by 10 CBA clubs in the third draft of the professional Chinese basketball league. These draft picks are aged under-22 and playing in the Chinese University Basketball Association, CBA clubs’ youth teams, and in Taipei and Hong Kong.

Yao Ming, the newly elected president, said in February that Chinese basketball reform needs to focus on priorities.

According to earlier reports, the CBA league would divide its teams into two conferences. Furthermore, Yao will establish a set of rules to govern the league, similar to the NBA, including the player‘s draft, free agency rule and salaries rules that would include salary caps.

“Although the future is unpredictable, let’s work together to break a promising path.” Yao said at the draft.

Source: ifeng

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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