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CFA to embrace professional referee system

By Chen Yaping 21 Aug 2017

The Chinese Football Association (CFA) is seeking to adopt a Video Assistant Referee (VAR) and professional referee system, according to an official announcement.

The football governing body says it plans to introduce new referee rules, including the establishment of a professional referee system, use of VAR technology, establishment of Chinese football referee training academies and strengthening of referee exchanges.

While the CFA submitted plans to the International Football Association Board and continues to organize more training, the VAR system is expected to be tested in the Chinese Super League in the near future.

China also decided to learn from the Premier League and German football leagues to launch a professional referee system by 2018.

At the same time, the football association is seeking to set up professional referee training academies through partnering with sports colleges. Those who are interested will be given opportunities to obtain a well-established education under the new training model.

The CFA also said it is making plans for more frequent overseas exchanges regarding Chinese referee training.

“The professional standards are stricter for referees, which will standardize their profession, and help Chinese football keep up the pace with international football,” according to the official announcement.

Source: ifeng

Proofread by William Logsdon 

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