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Team China Football greets new equipment supplier

By Chen Yaping 29 Aug 2017

August 28: The Chinese national football team has appointed Guangzhou-based AirGoal Sports as its new equipment supplier ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Asian Qualifying match between China and Uzbekistan, which is expected to kick off on August 31 in Wuhan.

The news conference was attended by Gu Jianming, Executive Member of the Chinese Football Association (CFA), AirGoal General Manager Liang Guangren, China Football Industry Corporation General Manager Dong Zheng and Zhu Lizhong, Deputy Director of Wuhan Football Management Center. 

The CFA Executive Member Gu Jianming said: “AirGoal has already provided highly esteemed services for the Chinese Olympic team, U20 team and U17 team in the past four months, . . .” 

“As the qualifying game with China against Uzbekistan is to kick off in Wuhan Sports Center, I feel really grateful for AirGoal to provide full-service quality football equipment for Team China. This will be quite helpful in coaches’ professional training of the team.” Gu added.

Among the attendees were also the team’s assistant coach Massimiliano Maddaloni and fitness coach Gaudino Claudio, who offered a training clinic to several campus players.

Source: dongqiudi

Proofread by William Logsdon 

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