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Can Tencent start new media era for NBA

By Yutang Sports 06 Feb 2015

NBA signed agreement with Tencent for 5 years,600 million RMB in total.It shock everyone in the field,not only for the enormous money,but also the time.

“Actually,the TV ratings for NBA in China dropped in these years.”Said sports marketing expertise Zhang Qing,”but the most attractive sport in China still be NBA.Most games are in the morning of weekdays,the people who have to handle their job only be able to watch the games on new media.”

However,the era for new media is really coming now for NBA?Highly doubt it.According to the statistics,the average viewers of the games are less than 1 million,no more than the number on TV.

“To be honest,the number of the people who watches NBA plummets.There are no Chinese players in NBA after all.It does not seem like the ratings would soar even after NBA is on Wechat and QQ.The major advantage NBA owns are the games anyway.”Said an expert.“The only one certain thing is that,the profit from advertisement and TV commercial could not cover the investment.The online games and other ways are supposed to be cash cows.But it turns out that they are not able to make it.”

Zhang Qing also expressed the same feature with him,and remarked that reintegrate the NBA resource will be the key point.Without brilliant thoughts,and connection with clients,you can not reach a wonderful result.”

For the China sports right now,the high-brow events are rare,which leads to vicious competition between brands.Several year ago,Chinese brands were all crazy on the National teams,and made numerous irrational investment. The ROI for NBA is relatively low for Chinese brands,also.

The signal indicates that the new media era for NBA in China is going to start.But who would start it and when?

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