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Sichuan Province strives to develop sports industry

By Nong Ruowen 11 Oct 2017

October 10, Chengdu: At a conference held by the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Zhu Ling, Director of the Provincial Sports Bureau of Sichuan, disclosed that a special fund for attracting capital to invest in the sports industry was going to be established. 

According to Zhu, the initial plan for the fund has been submitted to the provincial government. The potential sources for this fund to raise money include construction companies, sports companies, financial companies and other private means. 

Reportedly, a provincial investment group aimed at investing in the sports industry in Sichuan Province is also under development.

Meanwhile, a standard for sports tourism destinations is being compiled by relevant organizations in Sichuan, which will help with regulating the construction of sports tourism destinations and securing the quality of the service offered by them.

On the other hand, this November, the provincial government will start to assess and nominate the provincial demonstrative sports tourism destinations and projects, in order to identify and develop the sports tourism in the province. 

Additionally, this September, two Sichuan-based companies announced plans to set up a 5-billion special fund for the eSports industry in Sichuan Province. 


Proofread by William Logsdon 

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