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LEFIT joins forces with Greenland Group

By Chen Yaping 19 Oct 2017

October 17: The Chinese fitness company LEFIT has announced a strategic partnership with Greenland Group Jiangsu, a real estate giant.

Under their agreement, LEFIT has plans to provide customized fitness facilities for Greenland residential communities and office buildings in Jiangsu Province. The pair aims to create a convenient, healthy and quality environment for their clients. 

The two parties will start with the Greenland Window project, as an important part of the real estate company’s businesses in fitness, retail, child entertainment and support services. 

Earlier this year, LEFIT has announced that it is looking to partner with Chinese retailers, promoting its “1Km Fitness Circle Plan.” As of now, the sharing fitness business has opened 200 locations in China’s first-tier cities and will expand into other cities throughout the next 12 months.

In addition to this, LEFIT’s service has also reached 1000 communities, more than 7000 companies and several hundred shopping malls in the country.


Proofread by William Logsdon 

Tags: Fitness
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