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Ping An to sponsor 2018 Haikou Marathon

By Nong Ruowen 17 Nov 2017

November 16: The organizing committee of 2018 Haikou Marathon Race held a press conference in Beijing, where the race’s title sponsor, Ping An Group, was officially unveiled to the public. 

The sponsorship will allow Ping An to deliver insurance services to all participants in the 2018 Haikou Marathon, as well as to the staff members of the organizing committee and the spectators. Ping An will also send service teams to the race to man the drinks and food stations for the runners and provide post-race relaxation therapies. 

However, Ping An’s campaign will not be limited just to those running or watching on race day. The company will launch an online marathon on their App, in order to engage  those people who cannot go to Haikou to take part in the race. 

Up to now, marathons have acted as another stepping stone for Ping An’s sports marketing campaigns, along side it’s sponsorship of the Chinese Super League. In the future, the insurance brand will organize or join forces with other marathon events and athletic activities.

Source: Tencent 

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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