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Shanxi to set up an interntional sports exchange center

By Chen Yaping 05 Dec 2017

December 1: Shanxi Province has started a 300-million-yuan project to establish an international sports exchange center.

The project, expected to occupy an area of 34,500 square meters, will include a multi-purpose complex to accommodate press releases, event broadcasts, sports exchanges and player training. According to the plan, the project, which will also act as a supporting building of the Shanxi Sports Center Stadium, will be completed by December 2018.

As Su Yajun, director of Shanxi provincial bureau of sports, said, the project is very significant for the local sports industry as it will become the home for international exchanges, sports events, sports training and hospitality services.

One day prior to the inauguration ceremony, Su and Giovanni Maria Ferraris, minister of the Department of Sports of Piedmont, held a meeting about bilateral sports and idea exchange. Ferraris hoped that they could help Shanxi in the development of soccer youth training, soccer culture and professional soccer, while Shanxi could provide them supports in sports like Kungfu and table tennis.

Source: NetEase

Proofread by William Logsdon 

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