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Inter Academy WIFA Sichuan launched in Chengdu

By WIFA 05 Dec 2017

On the morning of November 29, 2017, the launching ceremony of the INTER ACADEMY WIFA SICHUAN was held in chengdu.

The WAWA International Football Academy (WIFA) has signed a cooperation agreement with the Inter Academy to jointly set up the "Inter Academy Wifa Sichuan".

Mr. Filippo Nicosia, Consul General of Italy in Chongqing, Mr. Li Guangming, President of Sichuan Enterprise Economic Promotion Association, Legendary Star of Inter F.C., Mr. Zanetti, Vice Chairman of Inter Milan Football Club, Mr. Zheng Ming, Deputy General Manager of Suning Sports, Mr. Liu Zehui, Managing Director of Legend Capital and Mr. Pu Wen, President of Wawaying International Football Academy (WIFA), and many other leaders and guests came to the scene to witness this exciting moment together.

WAWA International Football Academy (WIFA) has for many years  insisted on propaganda and popularization of football culture in grass-roots schools, residential communities and other communities where teenagers are more concentrated. The cooperation with Inter Academy symbolizes the two organizations will further develop football in China, jointly committed to the development of football culture into the Sichuan region, for players and youth coaches, to provide high-tech standards of service. WIFA perfectly interprets the firm commitment to promoting the development of Chinese youth football.

At the conference, Mr.Li Guangming, President of the Sichuan Corporate Economic Promotion Committee, made important remarks on the development of the sports industry and the promotion of mass sports. He said: "in recent years, the provincial party committee and government attach great importance to the development of football, the establishment of the institute of Inter Academy Wifa Sichuan fully affirms the development of Sichuan football and the cultivation of football talents." It is meaningful for youth football training; very significant and far-reaching. I believe that with the joint efforts of WAWA International Football Academy and Inter Academy, we will surely succeed in Sichuan and make achievements so as to raise the level of youth football in our province to a new level and promote Sichuan Football Talent development. To Sichuan football, Chinese football to make due contributions "

Mr.Filippo Nicosia, the consul general of Italy in chongqing, praised the football cooperation for promoting the cultural exchange between China and Italy."In recent years, China has made complicated reforms to the field of football, which has provided many good opportunities for China-Italy cooperation," he said. Inter club is one of the most famous and important football clubs in Italy and the world. It has made important contributions to the development of football. Such Inter Academy and  Wawa International Football Academy (WIFA) have rich experience and professional ability, and all kinds of society and public and private schools in Sichuan province have maintained a good relationship of agency, development of football sports in Sichuan is special, it also provided sino-italian cooperation between the two countries with many good opportunities."

Mr. Liu Zehui,Legend capital managing director has high hopes for this cooperation. He said: "the depth of cooperation with Wawa International Football Academy (WIFA) , Legend capital hope collaborative Wawa International Football Academy (WIFA) in the next three to five years, grow up to be a children's football academy in China has a prominent position in the field of training organization, union capital and become the king in the history of football sports industry direction layout."

The development of this partnership is an important first step for China to raise awareness and improve football training." Mr. Mark Zheng , deputy general manager of Suning sports competition management center, said.

“We are delighted to be able to unveil this project, which sees us become active players alongside Suning in the Sichuan area, especially given that we are collaborating with such a well-organised, solid partner like WIFA,” said Zanetti. “We are passionate about strengthening football culture by sharing our technical expertise and training coaches and young players in their countries of origin according to international footballing and ethical standards.”

The new era's hot-blooded youth is the development of Chinese football, and Frank, dean of the school of international football of the Wawa International Football Academy (WIFA) , recalls the journey of the company since its founding. In 2015, a few young people had a football dream for China and set up Wawa International Football Academy (WIFA), to "develop the world's top sports talents, quickening construction of sports power" for the mission, to "learn from the world first-class juvenile football teaching system, construction of China's most influential featured sports college of innovative" for the vision.

In the past three years, the Wawa International Football Academy (WIFA) has never forgotten the beginning, keeping its mission firmly in mind, always adhering to the propaganda and popularization of youth football and culture, sticking to the "combination of sports and education" with Chinese characteristics, and excavating, cultivating and reserving at the grassroots level young football talent. Wawa International Football Academy (WIFA) has won the Defenghao, Xiakedao and the Legend Capital investment, to help Wawa International Football Academy (WIFA)  to open up the market, the introduction of the European youth training system and expand their business scope. Up to now, Wawa International Football Academy (WIFA) conducts youth soccer training in a number of cities across the country, including over 200 cooperative schools in Chengdu, Chongqing, Zhengzhou, Luzhou and Dazhou, and accumulatively 20,000 trainees. "Do not forget the beginning of heart, tearing forward", Wawa International Football Academy (WIFA) with a solid foot in the development of Chinese youth football on the road.

At the Conference, Mr.Frank shared the latest strategic planning, Wawa International Football Academy (WIFA)  is well aware of the country in the development of sports industry, promote sports consumption and the reform and development of China's football environment, the development and innovation of youth football will surely become the focus of public attention, but also a great opportunity to integrate high-quality social resources to serve youth football in China.

The establishment of Inter Academy Wifa Sichuan will play an active role in bringing in a top international soccer training system in Sichuan Province. It will play an active role in cultivating social football culture, improving the level of teenage football and exchanging the training system of young football talents. Sichuan youth football training will reach a new height and direction of the industry.

Witnessed by guests at the scene, the Inter Academy Wifa Sichuan officially signed, Inter Academy Wifa Sichuan officially opened. At the same time, Zanetti awarded the Binhe School - Sichuan Inter Academy Wifa Sichuan Youth Training Base.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: Building a big sports nation and a strong nation with sports is an important part of the Chinese people's goal of "two hundred and a hundred years." The Chinese government attaches great importance to the development of football and gives strong and sustained support. The essence of football is not only in athletics, but also in enhancing people's physique and cultivating people's patriotism, collectivism and indomitable fighting spirit. Inter Academy Wifa sichuan is willing to join forces from all walks of life to work together for the development of Sichuan Youth Football and contribute to a new chapter in the development of Chinese football.

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