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China national tennis team got official logo

By Yutang Sports 25 Feb 2015

Chinese Tennis Association released the official logo of China national tennis team, hoping to increase the sport’s influence in China, and to attract more people to be interested in the sport and play tennis. This is the first time that China national tennis team had its own official team logo since its establishment 40 years ago. 

The logo consists of five stars and a tennis ball, with the typical red and yellow color combination. It is meant to reflect the hard-working spirit of the Chinese national tennis team. 

China national tennis team made its first debut in 1974 Tehran Asian Games, and won second place in both men’s and women’s team competitions. In 1986, Li Xinyi won the women’s single at Seoul Asian Games, achieving the first gold medal of China national tennis team at Asian Games. 

In 2011 and 2013, Li Na won the title of women’s single at the French Open and the Australian Open respectively, marking a new era for Chinese tennis. WTA also has a focus on the Chinese market now, organizing a number of events in China. Australian Open pays more attention to China and other regions in Asia, holding wild cards in Shenzhen every year. 

Source: Beijing Times. 

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