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CFA to adjust organizational structure and recruit middle managers

By Nong Ruowen 03 Jan 2018

As reported by the China Sports Daily, the Chinese Football Association (CFA) has started the restructuring of its organization and recruitment of new middle managers. 

In order for the CFA to turn itself into a flat organization, the CFA have decided to increase the number of departments in the association to 27, an increase of 10 from other years. 

Reportedly, the previous department which focused on professional leagues will be divided into specialized departments concentrating on the Chinese Super League, China League One, China League Two, women’s football leagues and amateur football leagues. 

Now, the 4-year tenure of the CFA’s current middle management has expired. As a result, the association has also kicked off a recruitment campaign to bring in a new group of middle managers. 

For this recruitment campaign,positions have been renamed as “Senior Supervisor”, “Supervisor” and “Assistant Supervisor”, which are more likely to be seen in enterprises rather than associations in China. Meanwhile, the association will also recruit domestic and foreign experts to serve as directors and consultants. 

What has been emphasized is that each of the new middle managers will not serve just one position, apart from those mangers who will take the reins of some specialised or very important departments. 

Generally, all new middle managers would shift to another position one year after they joined the CFA. Staff from provincial and municipal football associations, as well as football clubs, will have opportunities to work in the CFA temporarily and vice versa. 

Source: Beijing Sports Daily

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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