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China League Two football club may start collaboration with CF Reus

By Nong Ruowen 22 Jan 2018

The Beijing Morning Post (BMP) has reported that Beijing Institute of Technology Football Club (BIT FC) from China League Two has transferred 21% of its shares to Direct Sport Management (DSM) company. In fact, the latter bought 29% shares of BIT FC in April 2017, with DSM now owning 50% shares of BIT FC in total.

DSM is a Chinese affiliate of Hong Kong-based CSSB which owns CF Reus who play in the Spanish Segunda Division. As a result, this acquisition may start an overall cooperation between BIT FC and CF Reus. 

A general manager of BIT FC told BMP that by partnering with the Spanish club, “BIT FC will fight for a position in the Chinese Super League and maintain its leading position in campus football in China”. In the meantime, BIT FC will establish a youth training system. 

However, some people are concerned that BIT FC will not operate as a college football club any more. A director of BIT FC denied this and claimed that the partnership was a new start for the club, bringing Spanish football philosophies to the club and may provide opportunities for its players to go to Spain for further training. 


Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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