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Suning Computer to sponsor Chinese eSports club Eclipse

By Nong Ruowen 27 Mar 2018

As the Chinese IT news website has reported, 苏宁电脑 (Suning Computer), the computer-oriented branch of the commercial giant Suning Group, has announced a sponsorship deal with the Chinese eSports club, Eclipse. 

PConline disclosed that Suning Computer will focus its support on Eclipse’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) team. Eclipse is a professional eSports club founded in 2017 by the former Counter-Strike (CS) world champion, Alex Bian Zhengwei, with Eclipse’s PUBG team now widely seen as one of the top PUBG teams in China. 

Suning Computer is a new branch set up by Suing Group, aimed at identifying consumer’s demands and offering better computers and relevant services to them. The Group also intends to develop Suning Computer as the new go-to destination for eSports enthusiasts to purchase eSports equipment.

Driven by their passion for eSports, Suning Computer took their first step into eSports marketing in 2013 by partnering with gaming content providers. PConline also added that Suning Computer has tried to interact with eSports fans by creating eSports-related content.

In fact, joining forces with eSports clubs has been a prevailing approach for Chinese e-commerce platforms in trying to gain a foothold in the eSports market. 

For example, one of China’s B2C e-commerce leaders,, announced at their press conference last year that they had taken their first step into professional eSports by acquiring two professional eSports teams.


Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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