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Michael Jordan to come to China this autumn

By Yutang Sports 05 Mar 2015

It is reported that Michael Jordan is going to come to China with Hornets this autumn, when the team will play against Clippers in China. 

This will be the second time he visits China. It is widely regarded as a very beneficial act to many parties, including the NBA, Michael himself, and the Chinese market. Media analyzed that his visit could help boost NBA China Games, which has become less attractive in recent years. And it could help with his personal value in the market and the appeal of Hornets for Chinese fans. 

Although Michael Jordan retired many years ago, he still has significant influences in China. Last time when he came in 2004, there was huge welcome in China. Many journalists and fans were excited about his presence in China. His trip was fully covered and some fans waited outside his hotel all the time. 

It is said that he didn’t come to China in the past decade because of the law suits with China’s Jordan brand. 

Nevertheless, 2015 is the 20th year since NBA China Game started play, which would be a good time for him to come back, according to Chinese media. 

He is reported to be going to visit Shanghai and Shenzhen this year, where the games will be played. 

Source: NetEase, and Lanxiong. 

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