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Sports industry people make proposals at NPC and CPPCC

By Yutang Sports 06 Mar 2015

National People’s Congress (NPC) and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) are underway in China. The NPC and CPPCC are top level meetings where members report problems of various aspects of the country’s developments and make suggestions. 

Members of the two meetings include professionals from the sports industry, and the delegation is the most “shining” one in recent years, with many important people in Chinese sports. 

There are 21 members from sports in CPPCC this year. These include famous athletes, coaches, and officials. There are also many sports professionals in the NPC, including many Olympic champions and sports officials. 

Former NBA star Yao Ming and famous athletic athlete Liu Xiang are members of CPPCC. There are also famous coaches and officials, such as Yang Yang, a member of the Olympic Committee and former short course speed skating champion. 

Business people that invest in sports are also included in the delegation. Xu Jiayin, the founder of Guangzhou Evergrande FC and the president of board of directors of Evergrande Group, is also a member. 

They will submit proposals at the meetings to give suggestions for the developments of Chinese sports and sports industry. 

Last year, Yao Ming’s proposal about events organization was adopted by the government, and is integrated in a government policy about sports industry reform in October. 

Source: huanqiu 

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