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Tencent to bring eSports courses to Oxford University

By Chen Yaping 16 May 2018

Tencent has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the UK Department of International Trade to help boost their relationship with the UK government.

This MOU is aimed at improving cooperation between the two countries, focusing on film, video games and fashion. As part of the broad trade deal, the Chinese media giant will bring eSports courses to Oxford University.

“The next few years offer a golden opportunity for the UK to work with companies such as Tencent to drive innovation and shape the future of global trade,” said Liam Fox, the UK’s Secretary of State for International Trade and President of the Board of Trade at a press conference.

As Lau Seng Yee, Senior Executive Vice President of Tencent, said, “Openness, partnership and sharing at a global level have become our common vision for the future of human development in this digital era, within this context, the Memorandum of Understanding is of great significance.”

Tencent has bought some of the biggest esports titles, including League of Legends, Arena of Valor and Clash Royale. The company has recently invested about USD15m to promote eSports for Fortnite in China.

Source: Sina

Proofread by William Logsdon 

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