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Xifeng liquor to sponsor CFA Cup

By Wei Ruili 11 Jun 2018

On June 8, the China Football Industry Development Corporation and Shaanxi Xifeng liquor agreed on a partnership deal, making Xifeng liquor an official supplier for the 2018 Chinese Football Association (CFA) Cup.

Wang Jian, Deputy General Manager of China Football Industry Development Corporation, and Ren Weijun, General Manager of Shaanxi Xifengjiu Marketing Co., Ltd., attended the ceremony to officially sign the agreement.

The CFA Cup, the annual knockout competition, is organized by the Chinese Football Association, and has been held for the past 62 years. In the 2018/19 season the number of participating teams in the CFA Cup will increase to 72 from 64, including 16 teams respectively from both the CSL and China League One, 28 teams from C2, and 12 amateur teams.

In November 2017, Xifeng became an official strategic partner of CFA U21 Representative team. Xifeng has also sponsored football events such as the 2017 International Champions Cup China. 

The reason Xifeng liquor chooses football for its sports marketing campaigns is because football is the No. 1 sport globally, producing great excitement and widespread popularity.

Xifeng belongs to Xifeng Group which is located in Liulin Town, Shaanxi. Xifeng Group states that its brand value reached CNY67.9 bn (USD10.6bn) in 2017, ranking fourth in the China Liquor Brands Brand Value List.

Source: YNET, Xifeng 

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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