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Guangxi set up CNY100bn goal for fitness and leisure industry by 2025

By Andrea Huang 13 Jun 2018

The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has set up new development goals for its sports industry with the expected gross output of the fitness and leisure industry to exceed CNY100bn by the year 2025. 

The news was announced and explained by the municipal government at a press conference on June 12. It is based on a government document published on January 22 2018 which outlines the goals, directions and requirements for the development of the fitness and leisure industry in Guangxi. 

There are three main development goals according to the plan. The first goal is to form a well-structured and comprehensive industry layout which contains all the necessary functions with unique characteristics. Secondly, the gross output of the fitness and leisure industry should exceed CNY100bn (USD15.6bn), the average sports area per person should exceed 2 square meters and the number of residents who regularly take part in sports activities should surpass 22 million and public services relating to fitness and leisure should cover almost all residents in Guangxi. The final development goal is to build a pioneering regional international fitness and leisure development zone and a communication and cooperation platform, with Guangxi as the hub, contributing to the “One Belt One Road” project, opening up to ASEAN countries and reaching the southwestern and central southern part of China. 

To realize these goals, the plan is to increase the provision of relevant services, develop companies in the market, help upgrade the sector, improve facilities, collaborate and cooperate with useful partners and enhance the quality of fitness consumption. 

The government also mentions specific goals such as the completion of 15 sports towns and 10-minute-distance fitness areas for communities, as well as the different roles and priorities of each of its five districts.  

Source: Sohu

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

Tags: Fitness
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