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Datang Network and Sunac co-establish eSports league, CMEL

By Andrea Huang 29 Jun 2018

Datang Network, an information technology company providing services to Internet start-ups and one of China’s top real estate companies, Sunac China Holdings Limited, have joined forces to set up a national mobile eSports league, the CMEL. The announcement was made yesterday (June 28) at the Beijing International Convention Center. 

The league will start in September 2018 and the finals are organized for December in Zhong County, Chongqing. It will contain city-level qualifiers from September 1- 15, 56 regular games from September 15 December 22 plus the playoffs and finals at the end of December. 

The total prize pool for the 2018 CMEL is CNY6m (USD907,600). The content of the league will be multiplayer online battle arena, MOBA. Tianjin, Qingdao, Nanchang and Hefei will be the four Chinese cities to host the league competitions with venues provided by Sunac. 

CMEL will be operated in a professional manner taking references of operational methods from other top international sports events and will adopt home and away games, transfer windows, a relegation system, fixed teams, regional clubs and other professional leagues’ operations methods. 

Datang Network’s subsidiary, Daily E-Sports, will carry out the actual running of the CMEL. Daily E-Sports is an eSports platform created with mobile eSports events as its core business and aims to spread its operations across the entire eSports industry chain. This platform received resources and support from the Sport Information Center of the General Administration of Sports of China and Datang Telecommunication (parent company of Datang Network). Yang Yong, the President of Datang Network, and President of Daily E-Sports is the creator of the CMEL.

CMEL has been developed from CMEG, a mobile eSports event created by the Sport Information Center of the General Administration of Sports of China and Datang Telecommunication. 

The new CMEL receives guidance from China Culture & Entertainment Industry Association and collaborates with many other companies in and beyond the eSports industry. 

Sunac, as the co-founder of the eSports league, is interested in the business opportunities that eSports competitions can produce or bring to life in various cities across China, according to the speech made by the Chairman of Sunac, Sun Hongbin who attended the ceremony. 

Source: Tencent Gaming

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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