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Shougang Sports starts strategic collaboration with Chinese Ice Hockey Association

By Andrea Huang 03 Jul 2018

Shougang Sports, a familiar supporter of China’s ice hockey road to the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games, has just announced a new strategic collaboration with the Chinese Ice Hockey Association. The two parties announced the collaboration yesterday (July 2) at the landmark Shougang Sports Building in western Beijing. 

Shougang Sports, a subsidiary of Shougang Group, will help the Chinese Ice Hockey Association with team management, operations and logistics management of the Chinese national ice hockey development squad, as well as developing backup talent for ice hockey. 

The President of the Chinese Ice Hockey Association, Cao Weidong, says that they will work with Shougang Sports to improve the national ice hockey development squad’s training supplies, upgrade the quality of their overseas training, obtain business support and better develop talents. In this way, they will ensure good preparation and future development of the Chinese team for Beijing 2022. 

The CEO of Shougang Sports, Qin Xiaowen, says that Shougang Sports is determined to carry out the goal of making Beijing the best sports city. Helping the national ice hockey  development squad will also be beneficial for the efficient growth of the Beijing Shougang National Team Ice Hockey Club. 

Shougang has been very active in the sport of ice hockey. They title sponsored the Beijing Ice Hockey Team in 2017 and co-founded the Beijing Shougang National Team Ice Hockey Club with the Chinese Ice Hockey Association and Beijing Sports Bureau in September 2017. 

Source: Sohu

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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