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Wenzhou begins stadium construction for the 2022 Asian Games

By Andrea Huang 03 Jul 2018

The Chinese city of Wenzhou in Zhejiang Province began the construction of a new stadium, which will form the main part of the Wenzhou Olympic Center, on Friday, June 29. The stadium will hold group stage football matches at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games. 

Wenzhou is one of three officially planned areas (Ningbo and Jinhua being the other areas) outside of the host city of Hangzhou which will stage the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games in China. This stadium is the first new stadium to start construction in the three areas with Wenzhou hosting both football and dragon boat racing. 

In addition to hosting Asian Games events, the stadium will also become the primary sports venue of the city after completion. It will have the capacity to host national multisport events, international level single discipline events and international commercial sports events. Alongside hosting events, the stadium is also expected to play a role in public sports and health activities. 

The total size of the project is 70,000 square meters with a total investment of approximately CNY1bn. The stadium is designed to have a capacity for 50,000 people, with 5 tiers above the ground and a standard 400-meter athletics track. 

The planned date for completion and usage is before March 2021. 


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