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Tencent Sports launch joint membership with Man City, enriching their membership system

By Andrea Huang 10 Aug 2018

Tencent Sports and Manchester City FC have launched a joint membership for their users and fans this week. On August 7, the joint membership launch ceremony was held  at Tencent’s office in Beijing. 

This joint membership is a relatively new way to attract more users and fans and hopes to better engage fans for both sides. 

By becoming a member, users can enjoy offers and benefits from both Tencent Sports and Manchester City. 

To be specific, the joint membership offers the following rights/returns: 

1.Tencent Sports one year pay-per-view membership. Users can watch all 380 games of the new Premier League 2018/2019 season plus other sports events that Tencent Sports has gained exclusive rights to

2.Digital membership card and membership number of Manchester City FC

3.Rights to book limited-edition Man City souvenirs

4.Discounts on Manchester City’s official Chinese online store

5.Official news of Man City and birthday messages sent by the club

6.Gifts sent from the club for the 2018/2019 season

7.Priority rights to attend online and offline activities. 

The General Manager of Manchester City China, Tang Xigang, says that the Chinese market is very important to Manchester City, but many fans can not go to England because of the distance. They hope to provide more benefits for their Chinese fans through Tencent Sports and to allow more engagement between the club and their Chinese fans on and off the field. 

It has also been reported that Tencent Sports has also launched a similar joint membership with Arsenal FC. 

References: Tencent Sports, Dongqiudi  

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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