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Aston Martin join hands with Alex Hua Tian

By Andrea Huang 28 Aug 2018

On August 27, British luxury automobile brand, Aston Martin announced that Chinese equestrian rider, Alex Hua Tian, to be Aston Martin’s China “friend”. 

Prior to this announcement, Hua Tian had attended some marketing events on behalf of Aston Martin, such as the launch event of Aston Martin’s brand new concept car exhibition hall at Jinbao Street in Beijing on April 23, 2018. 

Under this new partnership, Hua Tian will be able to help market the automobile brand in China and the two parties will also collaborate on Hua Tian’s equestrian charity project to commence comprehensive cooperation in equestrian, education and charity fields. 

Hua Tian is a British-born rider who represented China in eventing at the 2008 Beijing Games. He has just helped China win a bronze medal at the 2018 Asian Games. 

Being a child with British and Chinese blood, Eton-educated and a strong family back ground, Hua Tian matches well with Aston Martin’s brand image and values. The partnership has the potential to help improve the brand’s development in the Chinese market. 

According to the Aston Martin Beijing website, Aston Martin have distributors in four Chinese cities, Beijing, Tianjin, Taiyuan and Qingdao. 

Reference: GQ 

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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