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Team China’s basketball players support national territory concept communication

By Andrea Huang 31 Aug 2018

The Chinese men’s and women’s national basketball teams have been appointed as ambassadors to communicate the national territory concept against the backdrop of the 15th National Surveying and Mapping Law Day in China, organized by the Ministry of Natural Resources. 

Wednesday (August 29) was the 15th National Surveying and Mapping Law Day in China. Relevant activities were held in Qingdao, Shandong Province, to celebrate this day and the “National Territory Concept Week”. Team China’s basketball teams, along with the well-known CCTV host, Sa Beining, and actress Guan Xiaotong, were appointed as ambassadors. 

The players’ images were used to design a poster for the day with Zhou Qi, Fang Shuo, Gao Shiyan, Zhou Peng, Wu Qian, Gao Shang, Han Xu and Shao Ting featuring on the poster. The 8 players also recorded a video, communicating the message that protecting the complete territory of China is the responsibility of every Chinese citizen. 

The Chinese Basketball Association also wrote a post on Weibo to support the celebration and convey the same message. 

Source: Tencent 

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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