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German company Viessmann signs China regional partnership with FC Bayern Munich

By Andrea Huang 28 Sep 2018

The Bundesliga club FC Bayern Munich announced on their website on September 25 that they have signed a new regional partner in China, the German manufacturer of heating, industrial and refrigeration systems, Viessmann. The partnership became valid at the beginning of September and Viessmann is now the Official Regional Partner of the club in mainland China and Hong Kong. 

“The partnership includes the use of trademark rights, meet & greets as well as fan trips to the Allianz Arena.” writes the club’s news. In addition, the two sides have founded the “Next Generation Alliance”, “an initiative for education, with a range of activities including the FC Bayern Football Schools in China”.

As a German international family business headquartered in Allendorf, Viessmann  entered the Chinese market via Hong Kong in 1997. In 2001, they set up a Chinese subsidiary in Beijing and in 2009 the first factory was built in Hebei Province. Today, they have around 260 employees and 6 offices in China, with businesses and partners in places across the country. 

Clearly the company wants to promote their brand in China through football. According to the news, Viessmann says that “in the Next Generation Alliance we not only want to promote and support the development of youth football in China from the start but also perform educational work to ensure the subject of sustainability is on the agenda for future generations. The improvement of air quality, considerate use of resources and the promotion of young people are centre stage in our partnership.” 

Reference: FC Bayern Munich 

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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