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Official 2018 season CSL trading cards launched

By Andrea Huang 30 Sep 2018

On September 27, the official Chinese Super League trading cards for the 2018 season were launched. This is the first time that the Chinese Super League has launched official trading cards and the first time for a Chinese domestic football league to issue trading cards after 17 years. 

The 2018 season trading cards are designed, produced and issued by CHNCARD who became the exclusive official trading card partner of the Chinese Super League during the summer for a period of four years

There are 2018 packets of trading cards and three different kinds of cards: basic cards, special cards and signature cards. Some cards feature Chinese Super League players and some feature team photos, club crests or mascots of the teams. Each set includes 360 cards: 180 basic cards, 16 team photos special cards, 20 club crests and special mascot cards, 20 forward players, 20 midfielder cards, 16 defender cards, 16 team captains cards, 36 milestone cards, 18 future stars cards and 18 super international players cards. 

The launch of these football trading cards is understood as an important step in developing a football culture in China and helpful in developing the Chinese Super League towards becoming the No. 1 football league in Asia. 

The cards are now available for sale via online and official distributors such as Jingdong, Suning and Taobao. 

Reference: Sina Sports

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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