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Stephon Marbury launches tourbillon watch with Memorigin

By Andrea Huang 09 Oct 2018

Former NBA and CBA player, Stephon Marbury, organized a ceremony in Beijing on September 30 to celebrate his 22-year basketball career. After playing with the CBA side, Beijing Ducks, he officially retired in February of this year. 

At the ceremony, Marbury introduced a customized tourbillon watch he designed and produced with the Hong Kong tourbillon watch brand, Memorigin. The watch has a prominent, number 3, imprinted on the watch face because the number is special to Stephon Marbury. The 22-minute position is also marked in red to celebrate the player’s 22-year basketball career while a basketball design has been placed in the sun moon star plate on the watch face. The Marbury series offer four sets of designs in two different color choices, gold and silver. 

Memorigin is said to have been established in 2011 according to Baidu Baike and is the only Hong Kong watch brand focusing on tourbillon watches. The brand has collaborated with many other celebrities and entertainment IPs to make customized watches, such as the Batman and Iron Man watch series. They have also collaborated with some sports teams and players in the past, such as the Hong Kong snooker player Marco Fu (Fu Jiajun). They also pay attention to adding Chinese cultural elements to their watches, such as the use of the Chinese dragon and Chinese zodiac animals in their watch designs. 

Currently, outside of Hong Kong, Memorigin has stores in Shenzhen and Macao. Its founder, William Shen (SHEN Huilin), expressed his excitement in participating outside of Hong Kong and said it was a milestone for the brand as well. 

Reference: PR Newswire 

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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